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Bringing Light to

Your Business

Rebrand Success

Hotel Lanesboro

210% Traffic + "Best start of the year ever!"

Hotel Lanesboro, formally "Mrs. B's Inn" rebranded through us at the start of 2021 and has seen their best success yet!

Opened 2nd Location

Sunshine Dry Clean

1st on Google + 175% Traffic

Sunshine Dry Clean opened their 2nd location and recently received their most visited month for website traffic. (April)

New Website After Years

Leap Diet

300+% Traffic + New Customer Daily

Leap Diet transitioned away from a 5+ year old site and has increased use experience, time away from site management, sales, and is creating a community within the site.


marketing and digital advertising designed for your business.

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web design

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We'll use our tools, with your imagination in mind, to create the perfect website for your business. 

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social media

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Social media is everywhere, so we'll make sure that your business is too.

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content editing

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Taking the moments you've envisioned to the next level with our professional capturing and editing.

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What Sets Our Marketing Strategies Apart

  • A truly "hands-on" approach to any service we offer -

    • Together, we'll create concepts of your business made perfect for photo and video.

  • Experienced with any size company, at any stage of their business journey -​

    • From the ground up, we'll design a logo, brand kit (fonts, colors, etc.), marketing budget plan, growth strategies for a digital presence (website, social media handles, Yelp, Google Maps placement, and more!)

    • For larger corporations, we'll work alongside existing IT​​ representatives, graphic designers, and quality control staff members to push the best version of your company forward. We'll find the best balance of professionalism and fun for your company!

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Discuss Your Growth

Let's meet at your office or favorite place to eat to discuss what areas of your business and digital advertising you'd like to see improve. We'll translate our methods to you in an accommodating fashion so you can see the potential as well.




At Luminous Marketing, we believe You know Your business best, and Together, we can create the best results. Our data is disclosed to you regularly and in a simple manner so that you can stay hard at work.

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Target Your


While we are experienced with many different business types, your business is one of a kind. The ideal customer and target audience for you exists, and we specialize in finding them. And with our SEO expertise, they'll find you.

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Our mission is to grow your business socially and financially. Our strategies through analytics and marketing were developed to convert sales. This is about your success, so let's start bringing light to your business!

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