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Working together to

Bring Light to Your Business

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Ben Capua


I've found my way into every digital avenue, in most cases, by an act of a hobby or helping a family member.

4 years of marketing experience later, I still find that technology and software are my passion. 

My tools have spanned from audio engineering to website creation, and because of that, I am able to use the best tools, find the best teammates, and make the best results for each client. 

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The challenges and goals you strive to beat excite me, and I wish to hear them soon.

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about the business

The company was built upon the pursuit of creating a higher standard of honesty for the working relationship of clients and employees. That standard extends to the promises we make, the work we do, and the team we build. With years of marketing experience, we know how difficult and costly it can be to find an effective marketing team for your business. Luminous Marketing is your solution. We'll see that through with our transparent rapport, conversion of physical sales, and your confidence. 

more team info coming soon,
or better yet, let's meet!

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